Sailing is healthy and fun - good for the mind, body and soul. Sailing is easy to learn and does not require great physical strength or skills to begin. Instead, the physical demands slowly increase as one's skills, knowledge and experience grow: sailing larger boats, in stronger weather conditions, and with more aggressive sailing techniques.

Physical Wellness:
Strength, flexibility, balance, agility, sensory awareness and endurance.
  • Overall (upper/lower) body, hand, and core strength are needed to handle lines, sails, tiller and other equipment on the vessel. Flexibility is needed to maneuver in tight quarters. Balance and Agility are critical on a 'heeling' and rocking boat.
  • A sailor must divine unseen forces. Sensory awareness in terms of the feel of the wind, motion of the boat, multiple sounds of water and sails, and heightened visual awareness of one's environment is required to respond to changing conditions.
  • Endurance is needed as new skills develop, and more demanding sailing conditions or activities are pursued.

Mental Wellness:
Fun, relaxation, excitement, self-confidence, mental clarity and continued learning.
  • Sailing is fun, relaxing, refreshing and exciting. More importantly, being outdoors and on the water radically changes one's environment. Stress discharges as one relaxes and refocuses on fun and challenging tasks.
  • Self-confidence and reducing anxiety is an important aspect of sailing as a sailor relies upon skills and knowledge to handle continuously changing and unpredictable conditions.
  • Mental clarity is needed while relying upon senses and intuitive skills to focus on problem-solving and tasks at hand.
  • Sailing knowledge is voluminous. Sailing includes physics, navigation, engineering, weather, and many more topics.

Other Advantages:
Sailing has a spiritual aspect - an intimate relationship with natural forces, the therapeutic effect of wind and water, and the natural beauty experienced contribute to a calm and peaceful sensibility.

Sailing is a social activity, promoting teamwork as well as an opportunity for people to spend time together, outside, and in a very positive environment. Being a sailor isn't just sailing, but being a part of a diverse and active enthusiast group.

Moreover, sailing is Green and teaches a healthy appreciation for nature.

Our Program:
Island Sailing programs build upon over 31 years of teaching, club management, chartering and team building experience. With over 35 vessels and a full-time, year round staff of industry professionals, Island Sailing can customize programs to suit a company's needs and goals.

The core focus of the program is sailing - our goal is to foster a healthy and active lifestyle, nurture self-confidence and improve physical and mental health. The health benefits are consequential to sailing and an active lifestyle. The program is designed for a range of participants, from experienced sailors to introducing beginners.

Our programs are customized depending on the group size, level of interest and experience, and budgets. Additionally, we tailor the program to the group's evolving needs, giving direction and support throughout the program. Sailing activities, goals and skills vary from person to person - we structure programs with an appreciation for personal development.

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