ASA Logo     Island Sailing is an ASA Certifying Facility with over 30 years’ experience in sailing instruction. ASA is the leading authority on sailing instruction & sailing schools in the United States. ASA Certifications are recognized world-wide.

Basic Sailing [ASA 101]
Learning how to sail is easy and fun, and no prior experience is needed. You will learn the fundamentals that will be built upon in every other sailing course you take. The course is designed to be comprehensive and focused to provide you with the sailing skills to start your sailing experience and with a minimum impact on a busy schedule.

Enjoy the outdoors, being on the water and learning to sail in a relaxed and fun-filled weekend. And, by completion you’ll be able to skipper on your own and with confidence!

Basic Coastal Cruising [ASA 103]
After mastering the fundamentals, Basic Coastal Cruising introduces sailors to advanced topics and sailing in adverse conditions. Students learn to sail further and faster with improved sail and boat handling techniques, as well as gain confidence in heavier weather and with equipment troubleshooting.

You will be prepared for more challenging weather and extended sailing into new waters. By the end of the course, students will have the skills to plan a full day or overnight cruise, and the confidence to execute it safely and enjoyably.

Coastal Navigation [ASA 105]
Coastal Navigation encompasses a variety of techniques and equipment needed to safely maneuver a sailboat in coastal waters. Coastal Navigation is a comprehensive classroom course and is highly recommended for anyone planning to boat in navigable waters.

Bareboat Chartering [ASA 104]
Students who achieve the Bareboat Cruising certification level have a world of sailing opportunities opened to them. Bareboat certification enables a sailor to charter boats in places such as the British Virgin Islands, San Juan Islands, the Mediterranean, and beyond.

The Bareboat course teaches you a complete understanding of vessel systems, trip planning, and large boat handling so you can fully enjoy your charter adventure. The class is a charter on the Puget Sound, typically casting off on a Friday afternoon and returning Sunday.

Radar Endorsement [ASA 120]
The American Sailing Association has developed a Radar Endorsement standard intended to help boaters, both sail and power, properly operate radar equipment. You've made the investment in hardware; now's the time to make the investment in learning how to get the most out of this valuable, but admittedly problematic, piece of gear.

Spinnaker Endorsement
Learn how to harness the power of the spinnaker sail if you are interested in moving into performance sailing, racing, or just to improve your light wind performance.

Private Instruction
Island Sailing offers customized instruction on our boats, or on yours....

$65/hour standard price, $35/hour for each additional person. Prices do not include applicable boat rental fees.

Cruise & Learn
Learn to sail while cruising the South Sound. Island Sailing teaches basic through advanced sailing and can teach multiple certifications during a cruise or incorporate a cruise into the broader curriculum of classes.

Prices vary according to certifications included, group size and duration.

ASA "Challenge"
Experienced sailors or those with commensurate certifications from other organizations may ‘challenge' ASA Standards. The challenge consists of successfully passing the written examination and spending approximately 1-2 hours with an instructor testing your practical skills.

Docking Endorsement [ASA 118]
Would you like to boost your confidence in docking boats, and develop new skills in boat handling under power?

Introduction to Sailing
A fantastic way to get out on the water and enjoy the sights and sounds that accompany the joys of sailing Pacific Northwest waters! This class introduces participants to a complete sail boating experience in just a few short hours. If you're unsure about sailing - this is a great way to try it out. Also, a terrific lead in to your ASA Certifying classes!

Marine Weather Endorsement [ASA 119]
Learn how to read a weather chart, predict wind shifts, and make your own on-board forecast. (Taught by a long time PDX member who holds a Masters in Atmospheric Science!)

Introduction to Weather

Outboard Motor Seminar

Dream Cruise Seminar

Class Policies:
  • Member discounts: Island Sailing Club members receive great discounts on courses. The standard discount is 10%, with member only specials up to 30% presented throughout the year.
  • Refunds: 50% of the course fee (per student) is a non-refundable registration deposit required to hold a spot in a class. Classes will be scheduled upon receipt of the deposit.
  • Guarantee: if you're not satisfied with your course, or feel additional instruction is needed, then you can retake the course at no additional fee.
  • Payment: Payment in full is required at the start of the class.
  • Rescheduling/Cancellation policy: A week's notice (7 days prior to class start) is required to cancel a class and apply the deposit, coupon or gift certificate to rescheduling to a future class date. A cancellation within one week forfeits the deposit, coupon or gift certificate.