As an Island Sailing member, you and your family may sail boats as often as you'd like and from any of our three locations - without the hassle and expense of maintenance or boat ownership! Each location provides easy access to the water so your time between casting off and sailing is less than 10 minutes!

The fleet of over 30 boats is categorized according to skill level. The boats available to you are based on the ASA certification level you achieve through our sailing school. Basic Keelboat level boats are considered any boat 20 - 23 ft in length, Basic Coastal 24 - 26 ft in length, and Bareboat Chartering 27 ft and over.

Membership Advantages:
  • Low monthly rates - less than moorage alone*, no maintenance or insurance costs (i.e., much less than owning a boat).
  • Sail a variety of boats
  • Sail different environments - Columbia River, South Puget Sound, and Lake Washington.
  • Discounted classes
  • Free Seminars
  • Free participation in member organized sailing groups
  • Reciprocal relationships (and deals) with other sailing clubs and schools across the country.

Owning your own sailboat can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience, and the choice usually depends on one's budget, time, and experience. The difference is two-fold:
  1. Club membership offers one the flexibility to sail at a lower cost, often lower than moorage alone, and without the hassle of boat maintenance.
  2. If you're new to sailing, then club membership gives you the opportunity to gain experience with a variety of boats and equipment. Many Island Sailing club members buy boats, but they do so with experience.

We encourage members to participate in our member organized Racing and Cruising Group activities and seasonal sailing events. With your Island Sailing Membership you can continue expanding your sailing skills with discounted classes, free seminars and access to full-time instructors.

  • Great value at a low monthly rate. Club benefits are all inclusive with no additional fees for day use of sailboats.
  • Dues are $184 per month with a minimum 12 month commitment.
  • One time $400 joining fee includes one Basic Sailing Course, and half-off Basic Sailing for spouses and children.

  • Ideal for a company or a group of friends. Multiple participants share a standard membership, lowering the monthly costs even more!
  • Each participant receives a 30% discount on dues ($128.80 per month).
  • One time $300 joining fee includes one Basic Sailing course for each shared member.
  • Limited to 2-4 people per membership, and only one reservation per membership at any one time.

  • Designed for travelers and non-residents in mind. Low monthly dues include access to Club Events, Seminars, Cruising and Racing Groups and Class Discounts. Members pay a low daily rate each time they use a boat.
  • Dues are $50 per month with a minimum 12 month commitment.
  • One time $100 joining fee.
  • Off-Season (Oct - April) Discount: 20%

Day Rates
Boat Size Rate Notes
20 - 23 ft $75
  • Full Day 9:30am to 9am following day
  • Applicable Washington and local sales taxes apply
  • "Equivalent Skills" requires skills/knowledge test in absence of ASA certification
  • Prices are subject to change and/or correction at any time. Most recent Prices will prevail
  • Passengers limited to USCG limits per each vessel
  • Additional Day/Multi-Day rates apply only to consecutive Days. First day charged at full rate, discount applies only to additional days
  • $75 Cleaning Deposit required for Multi-day sails
  • Renters required to pump out waste - $50 Fee for staff to pump waste
  • Only one discount is applicable (i.e., not aggregated)
24 - 26 ft $150
27 ft $200
30 ft $250

Boat Ownership Comparison


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